Don't Waste Your Mission Trip

Putting our Hearts in the Right Place Before Serving in Another Space

Are you going on a mission trip? Are you leading a team on a mission trip and looking for training materials that will prepare the hearts of your team for mission? Look no further. This 20-page free eBook is a great pre-trip resource for your team to work through. Complete with discussion/reflection questions, prayers, and memory verses so that your team can do the hard work of preparing their hearts for mission.

Foundations of Discipleship: The Shape of a Disciple

Foundations is an 8-part curriculum that helps you understand  the basic foundational beliefs and practices of a healthy disciple of Jesus Christ by using helpful shapes to illustrate timeless principles of discipleship. 

Apologetics: How to Defend Your Faith

This 9-week class is meant to answer some of the most common objections to Christianity. The goal is help you wrestle through your own doubts and equip you to live more boldly and evangelistically in a world that is increasingly Post-Christian. In no way meant to be comprehensive, but rather an introduction to some of the primary categories for defending the claims of the Christian faith. 

Missional Student

Missional Student was a collaborative project launched in late 2018 with the goal of igniting students on fire for Jesus and missional living. The site provides blogs, podcasts, and other resources to help inspire and equip you to live as a missionary wherever God has placed you. 

Writing with Grace

Head over to the blog to read Phil's thoughts on life, current events, theology, God's Word, and the Christian life. 

Sermon Audio/Video

Head over to the sermon page to listen or watch sermons from Phil. 

Phil's dad was a faithful pastor and disciplemaker for over 40 years and has many of his sermons available to listen to on the Rick Leineweber Sermon Archive. Click below to access.